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The Green Box

Annually over 1 million timber crates, or plastic buckets with roof slates are sold in Europe. And thats a lot of waste...

It is our ambition to limit our ecological footprint, and to maximize the use of recycled and recycleable materials.

Therefore we developed a new box to package our slate hooks.


Our “Green Box” is firm, water repellant, and contains 5kg of slate hooks.

The top side can easily be removed by pulling the cardboard, opening the box and ensuring easy access to the fixing materials.


The size of the box is perfectly adapted to the inner size of the Roofer’s Bag. With this special bag it is easy to carry 10kg at once, safely and ergonomically.


The Green Box is the new packaging for :

    - C-Color Slate Hooks

    - Copper Disk Rivets (2000pcs)

    - Alloy nails (2 or 2.5kg)

    - Copper or stainless steel nails (5kg)

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